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A few recent manuscripts and papers


  • 15 May 2020Joshua Rapp has been awarded the 2020 BU Outstanding Electrical Engineering Dissertation Award for "Probabilistic Modeling for Single-Photon Lidar".
  • 8 May 2020Dongeek Shin, Ahmed Kirmani, Jeff Shapiro, and Vivek Goyal have been awarded a 2019 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award for "Photon-Efficient Computational 3D and Reflectivity Imaging with Single-Photon Detectors".
  • 8 Jan 2020Rishabh Bose has been named a Top 300 Scholar in the Regeneron Science Talent Search for a project completed in the STIR group as a participant in the BU RISE program. The project resulted in the the paper "Multi-Depth Computational Periscopy with an Ordinary Camera" at IEEE ICASSP 2020.
  • 1 Nov 2019Vivek Goyal has been named an OSA Fellow in the Class of 2020 "for outstanding inventions in computational imaging and sensing, including unprecedented demonstrations of the utility of weak, mixed, and indirect optical measurements". He was previously named an IEEE Fellow in the Class of 2014 "for contributions to information representations and their applications in acquisition, communication, and estimation".


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